What got us here, won’t get us there.

Rapid societal changes are compelling associations to rethink their business model.  It’s time to figure out where our members are going because if we don’t evolve to serve them differently, we will cease to exist.

The first step is reframing how we identify solutions. We need to help our staff and volunteer teams shift from risk aversion to a “possibilitarian” mindset so they can embrace the hard work of change…safely.


I serve as a trusted adviser for association executives.

Whether putting out fires or dealing with the latest political crisis, it can be challenging to step back and notice how the competition is affecting your association. Let’s face it: Your members are being convinced they no longer need you for learning, networking or career advancement.

To stay in the game, your value proposition MUST be front and center, which means a change in the way your association leads.

I bring an objective voice to change leadership.

  • We’ll investigate the tough questions unencumbered by politics or personalities.
  • We’ll discover what we need to innovate and who needs to rally around the vision.
  • We’ll evaluate your current structure, and find a plan that is actionable and realistic.


  • Workshop facilitation
  • Strategic planning retreat
  • Board facilitation
  • Team building
  • Innovation strategy
  • Program redesign

This isn’t your grandfather’s organization. It’s time to discover what comes next.