What are we doing here?

For the last four years I have explored, discussed and pursued innovation in associations.  I have been fortunate to work with amazing people who were willing to explore some unchartered ideas with me.  Some of the stuff we did was great, inspiring and yes, advanced organizations.  Other times, it was messy, challenging and sometimes it was just plain difficult to get people to listen.  Still, some of the execs stuck with it and they are doing amazing work.  Their efforts are changing their organizations…how they work, what they do and the space they operate in… and they are changing people’s perspectives on what we can do in the association community.

I believe innovation works in associations.  So in this space, I plan to explore innovation. How it works.  What are the conversations to be had?  What are the ideas to examine? What can innovation look like?

Have a question, suggestion or example of innovation, please share it.

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