The Power of Questions

“What do you think?”  About what…your idea, the timeline, the member engagement, marketing strategy?  What is it you want feedback on?

I have sat through too many meetings where someone pitched an idea and then casually tossed out “what do you think?” In my experience, this question elicits a response from people who don’t like the idea or those advocating for the idea. You probably knew these responses before you asked for feedback. What about everyone else?  Don’t you want to tap their expertise and insights?  Then pose a question(s) that focuses on the key issue and invites them to engage.

Good questions are the best tool to create a meaningful conversation, to explore, to learn.  A good question frames the issue you would like to explore and provides parameters to help people start thinking.

Here are a couple of my favorite questions for exploring issues.

  • What is the most significant challenge to achieving ___?
  • What forces or trends impact the issue?
  • What knowledge or insight could help us understand this issue?

Since February is closely linked to the famous question “Be mine?”  I am making February the month of questions.  I will share some of my favorite questions, and I hope that you will pass along yours as well.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire

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