Where is the Fault?

“Which suffers more breakdowns – our products, our process or our people?  Why?”  (Kill the Company by Lisa Bodell).  Most of us have an opinion about what doesn’t work in our organization. But, do you know what your members think? Do you know what your partners think?  Have you ever asked them?

For many years I asked members questions about my association, our products, services, etc. But, I never used this language. I like how it brings these three components together. Sometimes we forget that all three impact people’s experiences with the organization.  You can create the most amazing Conference/Show, but if registration process requires jumping through four hoops or your staff are challenging to work with, members and prospective members might never make it to your meeting.   

Experiences with all three – products, processes and people- impact member experience. Do you know where the faults are in your system? 

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