Building Communication

We know that communication is critical to successfully engaging people. If colleagues don’t know what you are trying to do how can they possibly join you?

Do you ever stop and consider how you communicate? When drafting a message do you focus solely on how you articulate your message or do you consider how others hear your story?

Do you consider if your language translates to their experience, interests or needs? Do you help the audience understand your point by using examples, interests and passions that are relevant to them?

If you want people to match your enthusiasm or give you their best effort they need to understand the idea and create meaning for themselves.

Communication goes beyond sharing your information. After you craft a compelling and relevant message the really hard part comes, listening.

Sometimes we are so excited about an idea it is difficult to listen, to be questioned or doubted. But this is how ideas, work and relationships get stronger. The back and forth of sharing and listening are how you build trust and ultimately create work, spaces and organizations that people want to be a part of.

Next time you share an idea, try one of these questions to help people participate in the conversation.

  • What’s right with this idea?
  • What concerns you about the idea?
  • How could we improve on this idea?

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