“A question is the most powerful force in the world”*

The google app questions commercial is one of my favorite things lately. I love the simple way it highlights the power of question. “A question can start you on an adventure.”

I also appreciate how it showcases the types of questions well suited for a google search– where is…, how do you say… what is the going rate… questions that typically have one correct response.

Google has transformed how we explore – “I googled it.”  But, when it comes to the complex questions we deal with in our organizations there is rarely one correct response.

Most of the challenges we experience have several potential solutions, some we are aware of, some we aren’t. To learn about our options, investigate the potential and select the best opportunity for our organization we need to engage people.

Successfully engaging people requires good questioning and listening.  You need engaging questions that inspire, challenge and invite people to explore with you.

We all keep crazy schedules, so if you are going to ask people to work with you, make the best use of the time, their expertise and experience. Ask good questions.  Here are a few questions that can help you get started.

  • What do we need to achieve…?
  • How might we…?
  • Why do we need to take this on now?
  • What needs to be true in order for the idea to be successful?
  • What patterns are we stuck in?

Yes, there will be times when it seems that figuring it out yourself would be a whole lot easier.  But, do you really have all the knowledge and insights you need to successfully develop and implement the idea? If not, you will be better served by engaging colleagues, learning along the way and building a team that supports the effort.

“The right questions will empower everyone to think in new ways.” ~Krista Brookman, in How To Ask Better Questions, Fast Company

*google app questions commercial

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