What are we thinking?

In the hectic, cyclical world of associations we often set aside the thinking work to ‘get stuff done.’ The problem is, when we don’t critically think about what we are doing, we can easily settle into patterns or traditions of the ‘way we have always done it.’  While this may help clear stuff off the to do list, it rarely results in adding value for our members or our organizations.

So, after a couple years of playing around with the idea of how we can help associations be more thoughtful, I asked a bunch of smart people in our community what questions they think associations should be considering.  Then I waited.  (You know that space when you pose a question and you aren’t sure if anyone gets what you are saying or thinks it is a relevant issue? I sat right there.)  Then something really cool happened.  People started sharing these amazing thoughts, ones that made me say out loud, “yes!” “awesome question” and ‘ugh, I’ve been there!”

Now, I like questions. I think in questions. I ask a lot of questions.  To ensure it wasn’t just me getting excited, I tried a few of the questions out with colleagues and in learning programs, and I saw the light turn on for people.  The questions inspired ah-has.

So, over the next few weeks I will be sharing some ‘questions associations should be considering.’  I hope you will come along and explore the questions with us.

Q worst thing final


This is a simple question for  exploring new ideas OR encouraging yourself to try something new. Sometimes our fear of the “worst” is far beyond reality.


Have a favorite question?  Please share it below to be featured in a future post.

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