Building Success: The Questions to Ask

Questions can open minds, inspire new ideas and expose new opportunities.  But, if questioning is new to your organization, your team may not be ready and willing to jump in and share their thoughts and ideas.

Good news is, you can build comfort and trust to encourage your team to engage in questioning. One of the questions (or in this case series of questions) associations should be asking, is a great tool to build comfort with questioning.

Q box 3 qs

In my experience, associations rarely pause and examine what we did and identify how we might do it better next time, and in associations there is always a next time!

Taking the time to reflect on your experience and the outcomes values the contributions your team made.  It also helps to foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement and opens the door to step away from ‘the way we have always done it.’

Try it. People may not jump in the first time you ask. But keep asking. Each discussion will build comfort with honest reflection and engagement.

Use a different question? Have a favorite question?  Please share it below to be featured in a future post.


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