Are you Solving Your Members’ Biggest Problems?

Guest blogger Amanda Kaiser, SmoothThePath, shares a series of questions to help you identify your members’ real problems and create opportunities to generate new value.

Members have a lot of professional problems. New members don’t know the process, the industry, the players or the profession’s vernacular. Members may have been handed a project they’ve never done before and no one at their company has done it either. Some members need to prove something, some need to get hired or some need to influence others. Some members want to be competent. Some members have lofty goals.

Members have big problems and they have small problems. They have easy to solve problems; problems that many members have solved before them. And members have hard to solve problems like issues arising from government requirements or changes in technology. At every stage of their career members run into problems.

All of this is great news for associations. Members get value when we help them solve their problems.

The trick is knowing if we are still solving our member’s problems. Are we? Or are we solving the problems members had a decade ago? What about members’ current unsolved professional problems? Do we know what those are? Which member problems can we solve? Which member problems should we solve? Do we know enough about these problems to solve them in the way our members need us to solve them?

Amanda Qs

Amanda Kaiser is a qualitative member researcher who helps associations answer these questions and more. You can find her at or on Twitter @SmoothThePath.

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