What’s Your Purpose?

What is your purpose?  Why does your organization exist?

This is a critical question.  To bring people along, to get them excited and motivated to advance your organization they need to understand what you are striving for and why.  They need to understand your purpose.

No one can do the work associations strive to do alone. You can’t be everywhere, solve every problem and lead every team. So you need to ensure that your team (be they staff or volunteers) understand your purpose and can make informed smart choices to support the purpose.

Don’t assume that everyone knows your organization purpose.  Each of us interpret goals, activities and expectations based on the information we have, where we sit and the work we do.

So, what can you do? Ask Q box purpose - cropped

Help your team understand your purpose.  Discuss why you exist, hear people’s perspectives, listen to their questions, understand their concerns, their ideas and gaps in information. This will help you frame a plan to bring everyone along and help align everyone on one team where they can see past their role and help you to build the organization forward.

“Creating the condition in which the best work is most easily achieved is the job of any leader of any group of any size. ~ Margaret Herrferman, Beyond Measure

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