Room for New Ideas

New ideas are exciting.  Ideas can inspire and re-engage people. Ideas can generate new opportunities and invigorate how work gets done.

The challenge is that new ideas take time, mental space and resources to develop and implement. Things that most of us don’t have a huge surplus of.

So, how do you create room for new ideas and the energy these bring?

Ideally organizations regularly evaluate, refine and sunset programs.  But, in my experience this doesn’t happen as often as it should.  So, how can you get started?

Explore with your team:

Q box stop doing final

Starting these discussions can be challenging. You may hear some perspectives that you don’t like or agree with.  But if you ask, you need to listen and allow people to share their viewpoint.

These discussions may not solve your problems now.  But, the dialogue will help you understand where people are coming from, learn about what really happens in your organization, and offer you opportunities to share insight about why or how you do stuff.

This awareness can inspire new ideas for revising how work gets done and what work is done to better leverage your resources.  And the process of exploring this together can build understanding of your goals, your purpose and how you can work together to advance both.

Go ahead and ask.  Your people may be reluctant at first, but as trust grows so will the discussion.


Join me and some really smart colleagues in exploring the questions associations should be asking.  We are highlighting questions your organization should consider and resources and tips to help you frame successful discussions.




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