We’ll ignite the power of together

Change dialogues can be emotional. When diverse opinions mix with risk aversion, it can be a recipe for frustration. Honest, open-ended conversations respect the convictions of every participant while moving toward a common goal.

Together, we’ll discover the jobs that need to get done…together.

Questions we’ll explore:

  1. What will impact your members’ profession or industry in the coming years?
  2. What professional goals are your members trying to achieve?
  3. What problems can your association help solve better than anyone else?
  4. What will intrinsically motivate volunteers to come and remain engaged?
  5. What will inspire staff to bring their collective genius to the table every day?

Viewing the world through the lens of your members, volunteers and staff will shape how you solve their challenges. Then you can focus on creating solutions that unite your stakeholders for the common good.


We’ll move from ideas to action.

Once we have a glimpse of the future, we’ll need to bridge the gap with current reality. The questions can seem overwhelming: What are the priorities? Who is involved? How much will it cost?

The road to transformation must be paved with strategic intention.

To help us reach our destination, we need to design the space for exploration. Thoughtful room layout, pre-work, agenda setting, exercises and discussion guides can fuel the creative journey.

We also need to bring every participant along for the ride. People are diverse, and when we respect their concerns, convictions, and creativity, they’ll drive us to a destination we couldn’t have imagined.

Finally, staff must be empowered to keep the change engine humming when they get back to work.

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