Why hire an external facilitator?

It’s a good question, and one I hear a lot. After all, isn’t it your job to facilitate change? Yes, it is. And sometimes you need reinforcements.

Why? Because…

There is value in objectivity.

Change is messy. The big culprits? Personalities and politics. An external facilitator can move beyond personal agendas to find common good in tough conversations. People often share more freely with someone they know doesn’t have a “dog in the hunt.”

If you don’t know the right problem, any idea will get you there.

Brainstorming sessions are an investment of people’s good will. And keeping their commitment works best when objectives are clear. A good facilitator will help you identify the trends that will impact your members in the near term, so you can focus on a clear “What’s next?”

Change is great in theory, but hard to practice.

Change sounds exciting until the reality of “How can we get all this done?” sets in. A facilitator is your trusted “architect” to design a realistic framework for your initiatives, then help you implement those designs using every resource wisely.