JBlenkle profile

Jen Blenkle is a facilitator at heart. A true believer in the power of possibility, her deep desire is to help organizations create the safe space for change.

A pioneer in ASAE’s groundbreaking 2009 Innovation Initiative, Jen saw the tremendous potential of associations to impact their members’ future. So she put those ideas to the test at the Industrial Research Institute where she led their Futures Project – a look at R&D in the next 25 years. And today as a consultant, she leads multi-day workshops helping her association clients translate their innovations into reality.

Her work is guided by three simple principles:

  • Time is precious. Be respectful of everyone’s.
  • Help people find common ground.
  • Engage and empower people to make real change.

Is your association ready to step into the future? It’s as bright as you can imagine: jblenkle@frameworksforinnov.com

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