Jennifer Blenkle, Frameworks Founder, designs and facilitates conference sessions, learning programs and workshops exploring the power of innovation and leadership to strengthen organizational effectiveness.

Her engaging style inspires participation, community building and innovative thinking to take back to the office.

Recent speaking engagements and workshops include:

  • ASAE 2016 Annual Meeting (August)
    “Shifts in Association Knowledge Management”
  • TSAE 2016 New Ideas Annual Conference (September)
    “Building Your Innovation Model” workshop and “Leading for Innovation” session
  • MASAE 2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition (December)
    “Leading for Change”
  • Your Membership Thought Leadership Webinar (recording)
    Innovation by Design: Building Your Innovation Capabilities to Deliver More Value to Members
  • CalSAE 2016 Insights
    “Innovation: Translating Intent to Reality”
  • SYTA 2016 Summit
    “Exploring the Future of the Student and Youth Travel Industry”
  • ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting
    “Moving Beyond the Innovation Buzz”
  • PASAE 2015 NET Conference
    “Innovation from the Trenches: Perspectives on Building and Implementing New Ideas”
  • CalSAE 2015 ELEVATE Summit
    “Stop Doing and Start Asking! The power of questions to shift perspectives and inspire learning” and “From Functional to Exceptional: The fundamental requirements to become an innovative organization”
  • Your Membership Thought Leadership Webinar
    “Building Space for Change Within Your Association”

Please contact Jennifer to determine speaking and workshop topics that can benefit your staff or members. jblenkle@frameworksforinnov.com

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